Selling Unwanted Toys To Pay Off Past Due Debt

This amounts to little less than the old rummage sale tactic or setting up a table, at your city’s version of 7 Mile Fair.  (One big, fat, massive rummage sale.)   And, where it’s nice to give the toys that are like new to charitable causes, sometimes your charity needs to start a home… Literally.   Of course if you find yourself in a bind, you could always take out a loan.  And if you’re afraid that the bank won’t give you one because of some bad decisions in your past, where finances were concerned, there are always online short term bad credit loans. Now, let’s sell some toys.


Before You Start Selling


There are a few things to get out of the way, before you can start selling your old toys or anything else.


?         Nobody wants someone else’s dirty stuff.  Make sure that you wash dirt and grime off of anything you intend to sell.  WITH one exception: antiques.  If you think that something that you have might be a genuine antique, and worth some serious cash, don’t clean it.  Find someone to appraise it for you.  Sometimes you can even take a picture of something and post it online, to see if anyone knows anything about it.  Take everything you hear from them, with a grain of salt however… They could just be looking for a cheap deal on an expensive piece.

?         While you’re cleaning start sorting.  Bigger priced stuff versus lower priced stuff… and anything in between.  You can go ahead and write prices on every single thing or you can buy a bunch of colored, stick on dots and color code your belongings in price groups.


Ready, Set… Sell


Now it’s time to start setting up and selling.  Make sure that you position yourself ,in a place where you can always see everyone, all of the time.  I’m not saying that you can’t trust your friends and neighbors, but there will be strangers coming to your home as well.  People will steal anything.  Either be there yourself or have someone there that can answer questions about the sale items.  Make sure that you have change, for people who insist on paying you with a twenty, for a 25 cent toy.  And, be ready to wheel and deal, because that is simply the nature of the beast.


Once you’ve sold everything that you think you can sell, its time to remember children’s charities.   You can either give them to a worthy cause, where the kids can enjoy them or donate them to some resale company, such as Goodwill or a Salvation Army outlet.

Toys That Take Education Online

Parents today are focused on providing a learning environment for their children from infancy through their traditional school years.  Buying educational toys and books that inspire their child to learn are tools that have been used for many years.  It is proven that learning starts from the very beginning of a child’s life, the more stimulus and encouragement a child is given, the better prepared they are for their formal education.


The Online Factor


There are new tools at a parents’ disposal to assist in the learning process and many parents are using the internet to avail themselves of these innovative learning tools.  How to use a computer and other electronic devices has become second nature to children.  From a very early age and with some assistance children are able to play online games, use apps and many times independently navigate a learning website.  Some online learning sites are capable of mapping their learning to your states common core standards to better fit individual needs.  These learning resources are very often offer free access and they not only teach your child, affording them an opportunity to learn, but in the process also engage them in the learning process.  When children are able to make learning fun for them they are more likely to want to do the work because it is no longer a task, it’s entertaining and fun.


Why Does It Work


Educators tell us that children should be engaged in a learning activity everyday and that this practice will keep them at the top of their learning curve.  Being able to play an online game that gives your child this edge will not be work for you or the child, but a fun activity that you will not have to cajole your child to engage in daily learning.  The online learning tools are interactive, as well as educational and are able to capture your child’s attention.  By using various tools such as, flash cards, worksheets and games the learning seems more like play than work.  Many of the frustrations that some children may experience in the learning process are alleviated when parent and child engage in online learning.

Meredith Grey Had Anatomy Jane . . .

In the world in which we live there are collectors of every kind. Some of course have to take it to the extreme by filling their living quarters so full of their chosen collectable that they have little to no space in which to live; others try to keep things in perspective. But can a collection inspire? Is it possible that collectible nursing and medicine themed dolls and toys might have inspired an interest in becoming a dialysis nurse (or nurse of any kind for that matter)? The answer: Absolutely!


At What Cost a Collection


Oddities from the world of medicine are highly collectable. Antique autopsy tables, medicine bottles, lab equipment, etc. But there is more to collectable medical items than antiques. Props and costumes used in movies and television that are related to the medical field are highly sought after items. “Anatomy Jane” from the hit TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ would go for untold amounts at an auction. What are some of the hottest movie/TV medical props on the market: M.A.S.H army-green military medical box; Dexter (Showtime blood spatter expert) costume; laminated ID worn by Dr. Cox (Scrubs); etc. What about Grey’s Anatomy props? Good luck even finding the real thing!


Hobby Can Become a Profession


Collect enough medical memorabilia and you can’t help but be sucked in to wanting to actually DO rather than just collect! The fascination with the human form and all that goes on inside of it is too powerful for many to resist its pull. How can anyone collect film and TV medical memorabilia and not consider “hmm…I wonder how that really works…”? I was fascinated with all things medical and causes of death as a kid. I collected any number of oddities involving both. What happened? I spent roughly 15 years of my life (at least) in the medical profession in one realm or another.


And here my parents thought I was simply sadistic. (Well…I have been called morbid.)

Helping Your Child Throw a Fabulous Halloween Party

There are a number of steps involved in throwing the best kid’s Halloween party that you can. Let’s take a look at them while there’s still time for planning and everything else that goes into a creepy, crawly party.


You’re Going to Need a Few Supplies


Firstly, let’s consider party favors: These, what boil down to ‘thanks for coming’ gifts, can be something inexpensive but fun; i.e. glow sticks, spider/skull rings, candy filled, tiny plastic jack-o-lanterns, etc; you can usually pick these up in bulk very cheaply. Next: the costumes. Specify a make-your-own party for a little bit more creativity or have the kids create their own costumes AT the party (supply cheap make-up, old clothes, hats, feathery boas, shoes, etc.). Shop the after Halloween sales for the following, for your next party; but don’t forget the basic ‘party supplies’. Tableware, plastic-ware, plates, napkins, etc. are cheap-cheap after the holiday is over. And have a bunch of Halloween DVD’s on hand to keep all the kids entertained. Decorations can be the most fun. Sound effects, spooky music, neon lights (or black-lites), black and orange streamers, little plastic skulls, rats, spiders, bugs, etc. scattered throughout the house, helium balloons and of course a fog machine (or dry ice out of reach) is all good fun and extremely effective.


Ideas For the Eerie Invites


Halloween party invites can vary from simple to extremely creative. Candy jar invitations consist of personally delivered little jars of candy corn with the invite stashed inside; or for another hand delivered idea, just tie the invitation to the stem of a mini-pumpkin and deliver it to your guests’ doorstep. Tombstone invites (no, not the pizza…although…) are made from stiff construction paper (gray in color) with RIP on top, then the person’s name and the time and date of the party on the bottom. All other pertinent information can be listed on the back. Lastly, buy a cheap pack or two of hankies from the dollar store, write all party info all along the outer border; then tie it around a tootsie roll pop (or other sucker) and either mail in a padded envelope or hand deliver (it’s a ghost).


There are oodles of more fun and imaginative ideas for your kid’s Halloween party online; just use your favorite search engine and look up ‘kid’s Halloween party ideas’.


Building A Proper Display Case for Your Toy Collection

Toys… a nice way of saying “junk that I collect”. Oh I have my own variety of toys that I collect, trust me. And building a showcase for them is a great way to keep them in pristine condition (or at the very least keep them from aging any more than they already have if you collect antiques).


Dust Free and UV Free Cabinets


A dust free environment and limited exposure to light is the best way to store and show off your collection. Decide whether or not you want to install soft display lights in your case but if it will be near a window where it may encounter sunlight you may want to consider the use of UV blocking glass. If however you can assure that sunlight will not be a problem there’s no sense in going with the extra expense. And who needs to dust that entire collection every week? Ugh. I hate dusting. As airtight of an environment as realistically possible is your best bet. Looking for plans for that cabinet can be accomplished through an online search. There are a plethora of websites to check out for just the right plans for the do-it-yourselfer.


What Types Of Materials And Where To Shop For Them


When shopping for the materials with which to build yourself the perfect display cabinet, try shopping online first for Washington DC Construction Supplies. You can save yourself a load of time, money and effort by comparative shopping on the internet. Frequently in fact, companies run special discounts and coupons for those who shop online. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to save some cash. Surely you’ve spent enough on your toy collection—you could stand to save a bit of money wherever possible. And even better, it may save you enough money to buy that new toy you’ve been eying up.


A great way to save on tools and building materials is to purchase recycled/reused. Once again, the internet is the place to go in order to find this type of thing. Companies that are charitable and eco friendly deal with recycled and reused materials and tools. Check them out.

Toys Don’t Come With Cigarettes Anymore

In the past, many toys came complete with cigarettes.  This was exciting for most parents and the toy collector.  However, surgeon general warnings and knowledge of the risks of cigarettes put an end to this harmful practice.  Toys don’t come with cigarettes anymore.  And you shouldn’t either.


Cigarettes Are Bad


There is a reason cigarettes don’t come with the toy.  Cigarettes are never good for you.   And there is no reason to pair something good like a toy with something bad like cigarettes.  If you struggle with smoking, keep this in mind.  You are making your body become something bad when you smoke.  Instead, you should be giving it the nutrients it needs to sustain a healthy life.


Set A Good Example


Furthermore, smoking is a bad habit.  And it is not a good thing to participate in when others are watching you.  Why?  They might feel the need to follow in your footsteps.  Unless you are smoking v2 cigs or an electronic cigarette from, you will regret your actions.  Don’t be responsible for developing an addiction for someone you love.  Instead, set a good example by using proper health guidelines in your life.


No Benefits


Finally, remember that a toy is filled with benefits.  People love toys.  Children occupy their time with toys.  Collectors keep every addition of the latest toys.  Rarely, do we ever hear about individuals collecting cigarettes.  Why?  They have no value and are not good for anyone to have.  Remember this when you have the urge to smoke or purchase a new pack.  There is a better, healthier way to live.  And you won’t be putting your life at risk.


When you feel the urge to smoke, get a new toy instead.  You can always replace your smoking addiction with a toy one.  At least there will be some benefit when it comes to toys!

Outdoor Toys For Boys

Your boys love playing outside; they have so much make believe games, you can’t keep track of them all. It is fun to watch them organize games with balls, plastic weapons, bags, rocks, and more. They love to go to the park and climb up on the playground equipment, creating make believe as they do. Your little boy is at his best when he is playing outside, but it is not always conducive with your busy schedule to go to the park or their favorite fast food restaurant that has that big playground. It would be ideal to bring the fun from the park into your own yard, but you’re not sure what toys to get or if you can even afford an outdoor playground right now.

Create Magic Right In Your Own Backyard

You can create a magical play land right in your own backyard, with kids backyard toys that they will love to play with day after day. They are more reasonable than you might think, and can be purchased today and set up tomorrow. Go online to a few of the sites that offer backyard fun, and see what kinds of playgrounds and toys they offer for a low monthly payment. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of fun for your boys and all their friends. You’ll find some of the coolest playground equipment available, and it will make your yard the perfect place for birthday parties and barbeques with the parents. You’ll have the coolest yard in the neighborhood!

It is simple to order the outdoor toys your kids want online, so go online and get the party started. Then when the playground is set up, your kids will have a ball with their games and super powers.

Collectible TV Tie In Toys

There are many ways to promote television shows as well as movies.  One of the most common ways is through introducing toys onto the market.  Not only do they get children involved with the show and have them imagine the characters, but also they become collectibles over time.  Imagine all of the television shows from DISH TV promotions that are on the air now and see if they have toys that follow the show.  They could very well be collectibles years from now.


What toys to look for

Let’s see if you have any collectible toys lying around your house.  Perhaps you have a tin lunch box of your favorite television show as a child.  If so, then it could be worth some money, especially if you still have the original thermos.  Another item to look for is action figures.  Their value goes up depending on what type of condition they are in.  If they are still pristine in the original packaging, then that can bring in the most cash.


If you have any of these, then it’s most likely that you have a collectible that is worth a lot of money.  Also check out yard sales and flea markets for these items.  Many times, people are unaware of how much they are worth and often sell these collectibles for a low price.


Where to cash them in

There are several places that will be more than happy to pay you a fair price for your collectibles.  Check out antique stores or other collectible stores.  If your item is even more rare and valuable, then a museum might be interested in purchasing your collectible.


Even though they are simply toys, they can very often be worth a lot of money because of the television show they represent.

Supporting Your Child’s Academic Career

When your child is going to school it is going to be one of the most demanding things they will ever do especially if they tend to struggle through things from time to time. It is your job as a parent to always see what is going on so if you need to intervene at any time you will be able to fully understand what is going on. Sometimes children will have a hard time learning certain things especially if the subject matter is being presented in the wrong method. This is something that is extremely common when it comes to children learning new material so you should always be watching for anything that seems as though it is much more difficult than it should be.

Being Actively Involved

One of the most important things you will ever do as a parent is support your child throughout the school years including college. One thing you can do that is really a good help is to sit in on some of your child’s classes from time to time to see what is going on. You should watch how your child observes all of the information and digest that because you might be onto something in the future. You might find that digital curriculum is in a way that your child has been excelling in certain subjects because all of the information is being presented digitally, and your child is able to get hands-on help from the teacher.

Helping With Homework

Another really cool thing you can do as a parent is help with homework. When you help with your child’s homework you are bonding with your child in showing support. Even if you do not understand the material, which is very common with parents, just knowing that you are helping your child get through everything can be an extremely bonding experience.

As a parent you need to always be sure that you support your child in everything they do including academics and anything else. Your child will only be young once and you want to make the most of that time.

Toy Cars Never Need New Tires

Almost every kid in the world has owned a toy car at least once in their lives and the awesome thing about toy cars is that they never need new tires. With real life vehicles it’s a different story. If you’re planning on buying tires for your vehicle, maybe for the first time, here’s what to look for.

Buying Tips

When searching for new tires or wheel and tire packages you should always search for tires that are new, not used and make sure that you buy tires for what you will be using them for. Do you need tires for commuting back and forth to work, driving in the mountains or during the winter in snow? You should know in advance the type of tires that you need so that you buy tires that are right for you.

Get The Most For Your Money

Before buying tires make sure that you negotiate and get the most for your money like lifetime rotation and balance or emergency services so you can always take your tires back to where you purchased them for maintenance or care if you need to.

Use Coupons

Last of all, but most important, when buying tires you should use coupons because, you can easily save $100 or more off the cost of your tires and get more for your money. If you don’t know where to find tire coupons try checking in the Sunday version of your local newspaper or online through daily deal websites too.

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